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Azimuth Airline

Azimuth Airlines is a carrier of the South of Russia, based at International airport Platov of Rostov-on-Don, International airport Krasnodar named after Ekaterina II and International airport Mineralnye Vody named after Mikhail Lermontov. Azimuth Airlines was founded in 2017. During the first five years of operation Azimuth Airlines transported more than 5 million passengers.


We provide the highest standards of carriage service at affordable fares throughout the Russian Federation. Azimuth Airlines contribute in the development of the transport system of the Southern and North Caucasus Federal districts and regional air transport of the Russian Federation in general.

Azimuth Airlines is the "new face" of aviation in the South of Russia.


During the first years of operation Azimuth Airlines has opened more than one hundred destinations, including domestic and international routes. About 95% of Azimuth Airlines routes connect the regions directly. Azimuth Airlines is developing its route network with opening new domestic and abroad destinations from the regions of the Russian Federation. During 2022, Azimut Airlines continued to expand its route map from airports in southern Russia and the North Caucasus and opened more than 40 new destinations.

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Azimuth Airlines has a fleet consisting of 18 modern aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. SSJ-100 is a family of aircraft which cabin is as comfortable for passengers as the cabin of a wide-body long-haul aircraft. Azimuth Airlines is the leader in flying time on this type of aircraft among its operators and consistently demonstrates a high percentage of passenger seat occupancy. Azimuth Airlines has the Program of naming the aircraft after the rivers of Russian Federation. Three SSJ-100 aircraft were added to Azimut airline's fleet in 2022.

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We are constantly working on improving the service. Passengers of Azimuth Airlines enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program A+ and can extend their check-in if they are late for their flight. The most popular services are charter flights, mail delivery, additional meals and others.

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Mineralnye Vody - Minsk
from 9880 ₽
Nazran (Magas) – Sochi
from 1280 ₽
  • Samara - Yaroslavl
    from 2280 ₽
  • Saratov-Ufa
    from 1280 ₽
  • Samara-Kemerovo
    from 2280 ₽
  • Tbilisi-Ufa
    from 9099 ₽
  • Ufa-Kemerovo
    from 2280 ₽
  • Saratov - Nizhny Novgorod
    from 2180 ₽