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Top level care

Comfort service class

  • Dedicated cabin in front of the airplane: the first three rows of seats separated by a partition from the main cabin, with increased legroom for complete comfort on board.
  • Accommodation with the personal comfort area and a sense of spaciousness for the passenger *:
    Double-seat unit - 1 seat is provided to the passenger, the adjacent seat remains free.
    Three-seat unit - 2 seats are provided to passengers, 1 seat in the middle of the unit remains free.
  • Free baggage allowance:
    2 baggage pieces (not more than 203 cm in the sum of three dimensions) of 23 kg each.
  • Food:
    Up to 4 hours - snacks, cold drinks, tea/coffee.
    Over 4 hours - hot meals, cold drinks, tea/coffee.

* Restrictions apply