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Multimodal Routes

Multimodal routes are composite routes in which transportation is carried out by various modes of transport. In a situation where there is no direct flight but the final destination point of the route can be reached by several modes of transport, using composite routes becomes necessary. However, it takes passengers a lot of time to search for transport, plan connections, and book tickets for each section of the journey on their own.

A special service can help automatically search for composite routes by choosing the most suitable option in the search results, for example, with a more convenient connection time or a more comfortable trip duration. In this way, tickets and additional services are ordered immediately for all types of transport in a given direction with just one order.

The Trip&Fly service is designed to search and build multimodal routes between points where there are no direct flights.

If there is no flight that you need at the point of departure or destination, you can choose a composite route to the city you need or the one nearest to it using the Trip&Fly service. Using this service's search form, you can find and purchase a multimodal route by choosing the type of transport, a convenient transfer time, a flight that is suitable for the cost and duration of the trip.

Save your time by using automatic service selection and creating the most comfortable route for you.


The service is provided by «ONELIYA TECHNOLOGY» Limited Liability Company, official website www.oneliya.tech
«ONELIYA TECHNOLOGY» Group is a supplier of technological solutions for transport industry leaders for more than 18 years on the market. The company specializes in the development of modern software for the transport and tourism industry offering unique services for building multimodal routes and selling tickets. The software developed by ONELIYA TECHNOLOGY is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software for Computers and Databases.


Mineralnye Vody - Minsk
from 5352 ₽
Nazran (Magas) – Sochi
from 7380 ₽
  • Samara - Yaroslavl
    from 1280 ₽
  • Saratov-Ufa
    from 1280 ₽
  • Samara-Kemerovo
    from 2580 ₽
  • Tbilisi-Ufa
    from 10685 ₽
  • Ufa-Kemerovo
    from 2280 ₽
  • Saratov - Nizhny Novgorod
    from 3480 ₽