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Payment Methods

Payment for air tickets in the Azimuth Airlines online store can be made online with bank cards of international payment systems (VISA International, MasterCard/Eurocard, JCB, or MIR national payment system cards), using the Faster Payment System, SberPay, and SberBank credit. The cost of the Airline’s services does not depend on the payment system!

The online payment service is totally secure and verified with the PCI DSS international security certificate.

When you are done with booking and payment, you will get documents confirming your purchase of services to the email address you specified during booking: an Itinerary Receipt and an Electronic Receipt.

Invoice payment is available with a delay of 4 to 30 days for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

Faster Payment System

The Faster Payment System (SBP) is a service of the Bank of Russia payment system allowing individuals to pay for goods/services using a QR code.

Transactions through SBP are fully protected: their security is ensured by participating banks, the Bank of Russia, and the National Payment Card System (NSPK). All the solutions used in the Faster Payment System are modern and comply with security standards.


SberPay is a fast payment method using the Sberbank Online mobile application. The service is available only for bank cards issued by Sberbank PJSC. The Sberbank Online mobile application is available to holders of Sberbank bank cards (except for corporate cards). SberPay does not transfer your bank card number to third-party services during payment. Before confirming your purchase, you will be asked to log into the SberBank Online application. The request will contain info on the place of purchase, the transaction amount, and the card balance so that you can double-check everything.

For Bank Card Holders

Purchasing an air ticket at the Azimuth Airlines online store has an additional level of protection, 3-D Secure. This technology was developed by the VISA International (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard/Eurocard (MasterCardSecureCode) payment systems to ensure maximum customer security against fraudulent operations and unauthorized use of bank cards by third parties. 3-D Secure is the newest and most advanced technology available to date. The use of the 3-D Secure international specification guarantees the security of payments via the Internet for all users in any electronic stores.

The 3-D Secure technology allows identification of the cardholder during online payments via the Internet: when making a payment, one has to enter a special password which is known only to the cardholder.

To enter the password, the cardholder is redirected to a special secure webpage of the Bank.

The bank makes an online check of the password entered and informs the online store of the result of the check so they can proceed with the payment.

The password known only to the client is transferred to the Bank; no one else receives or processes it. Thus, by participating in the Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode™ special security programs, you rule out the possibility of your card being used by third parties for fraudulent purposes in online stores.

3-D Secure is a technology for authenticating the cardholder making remote payments via the Internet. The main security factors provided by 3-D Secure are:

  • Identification of the cardholder’s identity online. After entering the card number on the payment page of the online store, the buyer is redirected to the server of the issuing bank. The bank verifies the cardholder's identity. A one-time password known only to the cardholder is used for that;
  • Protection of the verification results. Based on the verification results, the issuing bank generates a response. Information is protected using a digital signature;
  • Protection of confidential information of the user. No private information entered by the client is available to the electronic store, since the information is entered on a secure page of the payment server.

Most bank cards support the 3-D Secure technology nowadays. However, Azimuth Airlines recommends that you check with your bank for information on whether this service is connected to your bank card and how to obtain one-time passwords.

Air Ticket Invoice Payment for Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

Ticket Booking

Book your air ticket and optional services on the Airline’s website. When placing an order, select Invoice Payment for Legal Entities as a payment method. After you select your payment method, you will be redirected to the Invoicebox payment page.

Payment for the Ticket

If there are less than 3 days before the departure date or if there are restrictions on the booking period of the applicable transportation fare, you will need a security lock of funds on your Visa or MasterCard card for the invoice to be processed. You will be warned about the need for a security lock with an additional message. After payment is made from the legal entity’s account, the funds on the card will be unlocked. The period for unlocking the funds depends on the issuing bank that issued the card that was used to pay for air tickets, and can be up to thirty business days.

The booking should be paid no later than the due date specified on the invoice.

After receipt of payment against the invoice or after successful locking of funds on the card, a confirmation of payment and an itinerary receipt for the electronic air ticket will be sent to the email address specified during booking.

Accounting Documents

You can request accounting documents by clicking on the link in the invoice payment confirmation email.

For more information about the air transportation accounting procedure, please click here.

Air Ticket Refund and Receipt of Funds

To get an air ticket refund, please contact the Airline Contact Center.

The funds will be returned to the bank account of the company the payment was made from within three banking days from the date of processing of the refund by the airline.

If you want to get a refund for a ticket for which a security locking of funds has been made but the invoice has not been paid at the time of processing of the refund, the money will be debited from the card, and then the refund amount will be transferred back to the card. The refund amount is calculated in accordance with the airline’s fare rules.

For invoice payment questions, please contact Invoicebox:

  • By email: c-support@invoicebox.ru;
  • By phone: 8-800-100-7620 (toll-free), (812) 448-0801. Telephone support is provided only in Russian.

You can contact the support service using the feedback form (in Russian and English).

SberBank Credit

Only for clients of the bank. A request can be submitted through SberBank Online.


  • Registration in SberBank Online only takes a few minutes.
  • Quick review.

Client Requirements

  • Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
  • 18 to 70 years old.
  • Permanent or temporary registration in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Valid SberBank debit card.
  • SberBank Online and SMS alerts connected.

How to Buy

  1. Book your air ticket and optional services on the Airline’s website.
  2. Select the “SberBank Credit” payment method.
  3. After placing an order, you will automatically be taken to SberBank Online. Fill out the request form. Wait for approval.
  4. If the credit is approved, the order will be paid automatically.

Credit Terms and Conditions

  • Amount from 3,000 rubles
  • Term from 3 to 36 months
  • The annual rate is to be determined individually

For more details, please visit the SberBank website