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Excess baggage

Carriage of all types of excess baggage exceeding the allowance is carried out at check-in on registration stage.

Basic fares* for the carriage of excess baggage on the Airlines's own scheduled flights:

Cost for each piece, rubles / euro
Dimensions Weight
up to 23 from 23 to 32
up to 203 cm 1st piece and subsequent
starting 3999 / 60
1st piece
starting 3999 / 60
2nd piece and subsequent
starting 3999 / 60

* A full list of fares for the carriage of all types of excess baggage and heavyweight baggage: fares.

Excess baggage, oversized baggage and heavyweight baggage are accepted for carriage only if there is a free carriage capacity on the aircraft available and if the passenger pays for the carriage of such baggage, except when the carriage of such baggage was agreed with the carrier and paid for at the moment of booking, as well as in cases of carriage of wheelchairs and other auxiliary movement devices used by passengers with disabilities in accordance with the procedure for providing the partially incapacitated passengers with services at airports and on aircraft, as stipulated by Clause 13 of Article 106.1 of the Federal Law №60-FZ «Air Code of the Russian Federation» dated March 19, 1997.

During baggage check-in agents may charge various fees in addition to the established fares.

Before the flight, please read the following: