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Passenger data correction

In case of incorrect ticketing by the passenger, when an error in the passenger's data allows the contract of carriage to be recognised as invalid, changes to the passenger's data on the ticket are subject to a fee set out in the Ticket Fare Rules. Here are some examples of changes for which a fee is charged:

  • typo in passenger's surname, first name, patronymic (change up to 3 characters, without distorting the meaning);
  • typo in the passenger's date of birth (change of the date of birth is possible if the correct date does not change the passenger's category - infant, child, adult);
  • a misprint in the data on the series/number/type of the document;
  • change of transliteration of full name.

The list of cases is not exhaustive.

The fee is charged for one change of passenger's data once per ticket, regardless of the number of flight segments in the ticket.

If the airline can confirm that a contract of carriage by air has indeed been concluded and there are no grounds to consider it invalid, changes to the ticket are made without charging the fee. Some examples of changes that are performed free of charge are:

  • change of name and document due to marriage/divorce (both adult and child);
  • change of data on series and number and type of document when replacing the document of a citizen of the Russian Federation upon reaching the age of 14 years, 20 years, 45 years ;
  • changing the order of data on the passenger's surname, first name and patronymic;
  • changing the passenger's gender in the ticket (without changing the surname, first name and patronymic);
  • change of contact telephone number in the air ticket;
  • change of contact e-mail address in the ticket;
  • change of identity documents in the tickets of military personnel.

The list of cases is not exhaustive.

If the error does not allow to identify the passenger, the airline has the right to refuse to change the data in the ticket and require the passenger to buy a new ticket.

Passenger's data can be changed only in a fully unused ticket.

In case of transfer carriage involving two or more airlines, as well as if the ticket is partially used for the flight, the passenger's personal data can be changed only through voluntary return and issuance of a new ticket.

The cost and other conditions of applying the fee for changing passenger data are specified in the terms and conditions of each fare.

To make changes you need to fill in the application form on this page.

Upon receipt of the application form, if necessary, we will send you a link to pay for the service. After receiving the payment, our specialists will make the changes and send you a new itinerary receipt.

If you have changed your name and document due to marriage/divorce, please contact the Contact Centre at infoavia@azimuth.ru to make changes to your ticket.

If the ticket was purchased from our partners, please contact the place where the ticket was purchased to make changes to the ticket.


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