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Rules and conditions for ticket refund

If the ticket was purchased from our partners, it is necessary to contact the point where the ticket was purchased on the matter of ticket refund.

In case of return an electronic flight ticket booked and paid for on the website of Airline with a bank card, the refund will be made in accordance with the Conditions of the application of fare upon which the flight ticket has been issued.

Refundable funds are transferred within 5-7 working days to the issuing bank that issued the card whereby the electronic flight ticket was paid. Period for crediting funds to the bank card account depends on the issuing bank.

When refunding a flight ticket, the refund is considered depending on the circumstances that motivated you to refund the flight ticket:

  • as forced refund;
  • as voluntary refund.

Voluntary refund and/or voluntary exchange can be not allowed for the flight tickets available for issuance at the lowest fares both at the ticket-issuing offices of authorized agents and at the Airline website. Familiarize yourself with the fares conditions in advance.

Refund is considered as forced in the following cases:

  • cancellation or delay of flight;
  • change of the carriage route by the Airline;
  • conduction of flight beyond specified time in schedule;
  • failed departure of the Passenger due to the impossibility to provide him with a seat on the flight and date as specified in the ticket;
  • failed carriage of Passenger on the aircraft caused by the delay of the Passenger at the airport due to the length of his inspection, if there were no substances or items prohibited for carriage revealed during the examination of baggage or personal examination of the Passenger;
  • failure by the Airline to ensure the connection of flights in case of a single carriage;
  • sudden disease of the Passenger, or disease or death of his family member or close relative*co-traveling with him on an aircraft, as evidenced by medical documents **, as well as in case of disease (upon presentation of a patient care certificate) or death of a member of the passenger's family or a close relative who is not co-traveling with the passenger on the aircraft, in such case the relationship must be confirmed by appropriate documents, and the disease or death must be confirmed by medical documents **;
  • failure to provide the Passenger with services according to the class specified in the ticket;
  • incorrect issuance of ticket by the carrier or an authorized agent;
  • sale above the established scope or the presence of other violations in the sale of tickets;
  • reduction of the established preliminary scope for the sale of tickets or the replacement of an aircraft with aircraft of smaller passenger capacity.

* By «Family members» are meant the spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adopted children); By «Close relatives» are meant the grandfathers, grandmothers and grandchildren, full-blooded and half-blooded brothers and sisters.

** Medical documents in foreign languages must be translated into Russian and notarized. Medical documents include the following:

  • certificate (original);
  • sick slip (copy);
  • extract from medical record (original);
  • hospital discharge epicrisis (original);
  • extract from emergency aid journal;
  • signal slip of departure airport (original).

All documents except for the signal slip must meet the following requirements:

  • presence of a clear and readable name of the medical institution which issued the document;
  • clearly readable position and surname of the person who issued the document;
  • correspondence of the dates of the disease and the dates of carriage contraindications specified in the document to the dates for the return carriage;
  • diagnosis that may contain the name of the disease or is designated as a «disease»;
  • presence of at least two seals: the personal seal of the doctor (attending doctor or the chief doctor) and the seal of the medical institution; impress of medical institution seal should contain the full name of the medical institution.

Requirements for airport signal slip:

  • presence of stamp of the departure airport;
  • information regarding that the passenger is prohibited from flight;
  • surname, name and patronymic of the passenger together with indication of number of the flight, from the departure by which he was removed;
  • preliminary diagnosis, which can be indicated as a «disease».

Forced return due to medical grounds is not allowed in the event of no-show on the flight and failure to notify the Airline on the impossibility to perform the carriage.

Refusal to carriage cannot be classified as forced due to failed passage of passport checkpoint through the fault of the passenger, or if items that are forbidden to be transported by aircrafts are found during the examination of the passenger.

Voluntary refund is carried out in the event that you at your request cancel the flight completely or partially; the refund is made in accordance with the Conditions of the applied fare in each specific case.

Acceptance of the Conditions of the applied fare means informing about the inapplicability of the provisions of the law on the protection of the rights of consumers in Israel to the services provided to consumers in Israel.

Refund of the electronic flight ticket can be made by the passenger on whose name the flight ticket was issued or by his representative on basis of a notarized power of attorney.

Refund can be carried out in one of the following ways:

  1. Using the Search of orders service in which the return is carried out automatically.
    You only need to activate and confirm the refund procedure.
  2. By sending a notification on the ticket refund to the Airline e-mail infoavia@azimuth.aero.

    Notification should contain the following documents:

    • scanned copy of the Application for refund;
    • оscanned copy of the passport (page with personal data);
    • scanned copy of the birth certificate (for children under 14 years old);
    • scanned copy of the notarized power of attorney (if the application is completed by the representative of passenger).

    Application is considered as accepted by the Airline provided that:

    • the package of documents contains all necessary documents;
    • the application is completed on behalf of the passenger or on behalf of his representative on basis of a notarized power of attorney.