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Frequently asked questions

For what reasons does the Airline have the right to refuse to carry my pet in the cabin?

The airline has the right to refuse to carry a live animal in the cabin in the following cases:

  • the transportation of the animal has not been previously agreed upon or confirmed;
  • at the time when a passenger applies to the airline for approval of the carriage, the flight has already paid for the carriage of animal;
  • at the time of the passenger's request to the airline to coordinate transportation, the maximum number of animals of the same type have already been paid for on the flight;
  • the breed or type of animal does not correspond to the one indicated by the passenger;
  • the documents required for the animal's check-in for the flight are missing;
  • the carriage of the animal is not paid for;
  • the animal demonstrates threatening or restless behaviour;
  • the cage does not meet the requirements;
  • there is a threat to the health and safety of other people or violations of passenger service on board the aircraft.

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